Japan Influencer Partners with Market Research Leader Macromill to Deliver Comprehensive Influencer Marketing Solutions

Japan Influencer Partners with Market Research Leader Macromill to Deliver Comprehensive Influencer Marketing Solutions

Tokyo, Japan – April 2024 – Global Influencers Inc., a pioneer in influencer marketing, and Macromill, Inc., a leading market research company, today announced a strategic partnership to provide clients with comprehensive influencer marketing solutions. This alliance will leverage the expertise and resources of both companies to deliver enhanced campaign targeting, reach, measurement, and execution.

Key benefits of this partnership include:

Enhanced Targeting and Reach: By combining Macromill’s advanced data analytics with Japan Influencer’s extensive influencer network, campaigns can be targeted and reach the most relevant audiences with maximum impact.

Robust Campaign Measurement: Leveraging Macromill’s proprietary campaign measurement tools, campaign performance can be tracked in real-time, allowing for effective optimization and maximizing ROI.

Seamless Campaign Execution: The two companies will collaborate closely to provide clients with a streamlined influencer marketing campaign experience, from ideation to execution.

About Macromill, Inc.

Macromill is a global market research company providing a wide range of services, including surveys, consulting, and data solutions. Founded in 1973, the company operates in over 50 countries worldwide, serving clients across diverse industries. Macromill’s mission is to help clients gain a deeper understanding of their markets and drive business growth through the power of data and insights.

About Global Influencers Inc.

Japan Influencer is an expert in influencer marketing, offering comprehensive services from campaign planning and execution to performance measurement. Established in 2015, the company caters to both domestic and international clients. Global Influencers Inc utilizes its extensive influencer network and advanced data analytics to ensure campaign success for its clients.

This partnership is poised to propel both companies to new heights. By combining Macromill’s data analytics expertise with Japan Influencer’s influencer network, clients can access unparalleled influencer marketing solutions that deliver tangible results.

Macromill official website: https://www.macromill.com/
Global Influencers official website:https://japan-influencer.com/en/